WINDSET FARMS® Welcomes DELICATO® Romaine Lettuce Back to Stores; Ryan Cherry Comments

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Mon. April 8th, 2024 - by Jenna Plasterer

DELTA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA - Flowers are blooming here in the Northern Hemisphere, and as the bright buds spring up out of the ground, WINDSET FARMS® DELICATO® Romaine Lettuce is getting ready to pop up in stores. First introduced last fall at the Global Produce and Floral Show, this offering is making a reappearance in the produce aisle this spring.

Ryan Cherry, Director of Sales, WINDSET FARMS®
Ryan Cherry, Director of Sales, WINDSET FARMS®

“Our greenhouse grown romaine is nurtured using top-tier growing practices,” said Ryan Cherry, Windset Farms’ Director of Sales, underscoring the company’s commitment to excellence. “Cultivated in a controlled environment, it provides unmatched food safety, exceptional quality, and consistency.”

Windset Farms first began growing greenhouse Romaine in 2012, a release explained. Its DELICATO variety is produced in British Columbia and is available year-round.

WINDSET FARMS® DELICATO® Romaine Lettuce will be reappearing in retail locations this spring in a convenience 2 count bag with a handle and zipper

The vibrant green leaves embody quality, food safety, and taste while providing a delicate crunch and sweet, subtle finish.

Throughout the winter months, consumers could find this high-quality Romaine in bulk at select stores. Now, as spring arrives, Windset Farms is launching a convenient 2 count bag with a handle and zipper, guaranteeing freshness and flavor.

Reach out to Windset Farms to get DELICATO Romaine Lettuce in your stores!