Windset Farms® Celebrates 5 Years Supporting Drive Away Hunger Campaign

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Mon. November 30th, 2015
- by Christofer Oberst     

DELTA, B.C. - With the wrap-up of another successful season at Windset Farms’ BC greenhouse comes one more reason to celebrate—another year of the company providing donations in support of the FCC Drive Away Hunger Campaign.

Michael Hoffort, President and CEO, FCC“I’m honored and grateful to have Windset Farms as a long-time partner to FCC Drive Away Hunger,” said Michael Hoffort, FCC’s President and CEO. “Corporate partners like Windset Farms make a huge difference to the success of the program and to Canadian families.”

According to a press release, this year marks Windset’s fifth as a National Sponsor for the organization, and the company says it has already made plans to continue its support in the coming year. Over the past five years, Windset Farms has been able to donate over 300,000 pounds (136,100kg) of fresh and nutritious vegetables to food banks in BC.

John Newell, COO, Windset Farms

“As a family farm, we love this opportunity to be able to give back to other families in our community,” adds John Newell, COO and Owner of Windset Farms. “Drive Away Hunger has already done so much to fight hunger and we look forward to being part of their continued success.”

To learn more about Drive Away Hunger, watch the video below.

This year, Drive Away Hunger reports that it was able to collect enough food to put 5.2 million meals on the plates of hungry Canadians across the country, and Windset Farms is happy to have been part of this accomplishment. 

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