Wonderful® Pistachios Announces New Virtual Education Seminar

Tue. September 22nd, 2020
- by Lilian Diep     

LOS ANGELES, CA - As the produce industry makes its segue into the virtual world due to the ongoing pandemic, Wonderful® Pistachios has announced that it will be hosting a virtual seminar to educate the retail and sales partners on plant proteins. The event will take place October 9, and will feature two 60-minute educational sessions geared toward sales executives, retail partners, and supermarket retail dietitians.

Adam Cooper, Senior Vice President of Marketing, The Wonderful Company“Research shows consumers are looking for ways to incorporate more protein into their diet and we’re thrilled to be hosting this virtual seminar to discuss how eating plants can help meet those protein goals,” said Adam Cooper, Senior Vice President of Marketing, The Wonderful Company. “We’re here to continue supporting the nutrition community and we’re proud of this latest step on that journey.”

The seminar will be led by Christopher Gardner, PhD, and Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. According to a press release, Gardner is a leading nutrition scientist and is widely regarded as a respected voice on the topics being featured. In his talk, Gardner will cover topics including:

  • The ideal balance of plant protein and animal protein
  • Feasible ways to increase plant protein intake
  • An in-depth look at the protein in pistachios
  • How Wonderful Pistachios can continue to support the nutrition and retail communities

Christopher Gardner, PhD, and Professor of Medicine, Stanford University“I’m pleased to participate in the program put together by Wonderful Pistachios, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to present and discuss some of my research on protein with a broad group of nutrition professionals during this educational event,” said Gardner.

As interest in topics like plant-based protein options, increasing protein intake, and reducing meat consumption have increased, Wonderful Pistachios has become a champion for the movement, and its pistachios which tout six grams of plant protein per serving have become a popular snack for those exploring plant-based options.

Wonderful Pistachios has become a champion for the plant-based movement

To signal its foray into the world of plant protein knowledge, the company began its plant protein education program in April 2019. Wonderful launched its Plant-Based Nutrition Leadership Symposium, gathering plant-based nutrition experts to discuss emerging trends, science, and applications.

Maggie Moon, MS, RD, Senior Director, Nutrition Communications, The Wonderful Company“The popularity of plant-based eating is more than a trend, it’s here to stay with Wonderful Pistachios at the forefront of this important public health movement,” said Maggie Moon, MS, RD, Senior Director, Nutrition Communications, The Wonderful Company. “This seminar will provide the opportunity to reach a wide group of nutrition professionals and educate retailers and dietitians on the value of plant protein and how snacking on Wonderful Pistachios fits into any healthy meal plan.”

Those interested in signing up the seminar to gain some plant protein knowledge can register online by October 2. Those who register by September 25, will be entered to win an exciting swag bag. To top it off, registered dietitians who sign up will receive one CPEU (Continuing Professional Education Unit) upon completing the seminar.

What other new educational opportunities will present themselves in this virtual setting? Keep reading ANUK to find out.

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