Wonderful's Adam Cooper Talks Double-Digit Growth, New Campaigns, New Packaging, and More

Fri. November 3rd, 2017
- by Robert Schaulis     

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Last month’s PMA Fresh Summit featured some of the brightest stars in produce, and among those was The Wonderful Company.

Adam Cooper, VP of Marketing, Wonderful CompanyAdam Cooper, VP of Marketing for the rapidly-growing provider of citrus, pistachios, pomegranates, and more, was on hand and filled us in on the latest packaging and branding innovations and consumer campaigns for Wonderful’s popular Halos, Pistachios, Pom Wonderful products.

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“The Wonderful Company is company is coming off our biggest year ever,” explains Adam. “We’ve had double-digit growth and have actually added more dollars to produce than any other company.”

Wonderful Halos

The company highlighted new Wonderful Pistachio items and an NFL-themed consumer campaign, new Halos retail support, and touted its premier position in sales-driving categories.

“Wonderful Pistachios is now America’s fastest growing snack brand. We have a lot of new news—new packaging for no-shells, for in-shells; we have a new product with Natural Raw, and a whole football campaign that’s sure to be great in-store,” Adam notes. “Wonderful is coming off a year where they’re 12 percent of overall produce department growth, and so we have a huge new campaign for Halos including an in-store…'Grove of Goodness'…we even have orchard displays that people are getting really excited about.”


Likewise, Adam noted that the company’s Pom Wonderful brand products are seeing major success in the Pomegranate and juice categories.

“Pom juice is having one of its biggest years ever, and actually we have the number one seller in all of premium juice. And then our fresh season is just getting off to a really good start,” says Adam, noting that the company’s new ready-to-eat pomegranate aril product is primed to meet burgeoning demand. “Our Pom Poms product is going to be great.”

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The Wonderful Company