Tony Freytag, Barry Bedwell and Kenny Lund Discuss The Washington Conference

Tue. August 19th, 2014
- by Andrew McDaniel     

WASHINGTON, DC - With The Washington Conference quickly approaching next month, AndNowUKnow spoke with several industry leaders for an inside perspective on what the conference might hold.

Tony Freytag, Crunch Pak’s Senior VP of Sales and MarketingSpeaking about the conference, Tony Freytag, Crunch Pak’s Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, tells AndNowUKnow, “This is a great event.  It gives you access to people that you wouldn’t normally get access to.  It’s a very powerful tool, and with all of us there, it is a statement to the legislators about the strength of produce industry and our need to get things done.”

Barry Bedwell, President of the California Fresh Fruit AssociationFor Barry Bedwell, President of the California Fresh Fruit Association, The Washington Conference looks to be a very productive event.  “I’m looking forward to interacting with reps from around the country to discuss the priorities for the different geographical areas of the country and compare notes to find the best strategy to move forward,” he tells us.

Kenny Lund, VP of Support Operations for Allen Lund CompanyKenny Lund, VP of Support Operations for Allen Lund Company, adds, “As Chair of the Supply Chain and Logistics Council, I look forward to the conference.  It offers a unique gathering of leadership in the supply chain arena and leads to positive discussion and strong participation in looking to the future of the industry.”

The Washington Conference takes place from September 8-10 and features many educational and networking events as well as offering face-to-face dialogue with lawmakers and staff at key congressional offices.

Two key items on the agenda for the conference are immigration reform and FISMA.  “Every year immigration reform has to be discussed.  It is a focal point in determining what steps must be taken for reform,” Barry tells us.  “It’s good to compare notes on the realities people are seeing around the country.”

When speaking on food safety and FISMA rules, Barry added, “We know that stonefruit is extremely low risk, but with our first incident this year, it in not immune to issues.  I’m very interested in the food safety discussions.”

Kenny tells us that FISMA rules and immigration reform are just as important for the food transportation sector as well.  “We have a different perspective, but it is the same set of issues through the produce industry.  The proposed FISMA rules and immigration are difficult political issues, and we have to work to create a fair and workable solution.  Luckily for us, people in the produce world love a big challenge, and we are ready to get to work.”

The conference will also feature sessions and activities like business education sessions, congressional meetings and forums with regulatory officials.  To register, click here.

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