Weathermelon Weather Report - March 5, 2019

Mon. March 4th, 2019
- by David Robidoux     

IRVINE, CA - Good morning, AndNowUKnow readers!

Today, I am bringing you some of the category and weather news from around the industry. Check back twice weekly to see where the rain is falling, the sun is shining, and everything in between.


Another big storm is coming to California this week, starting today. The San Joaquin Valley will receive between 2.0 to 2.5” over the next three days. This will put a damper on the harvesting of citrus coming from the southern part of valley.

The coastal regions will be hit hard with rain totals ranging from 1.50” up to 3.00”, depending on the growing location over today and tomorrow. Looks like harvests will be affected in Oxnard and Santa Maria. Salinas will also see rain from this storm.

The desert growing regions of Coachella and Imperial are not expected to see any rain, but they will experience cooler temperatures associated with the storm. Starting Thursday temperatures will begin to drop with maximum temeperatures in the high 60°s to low 70°s through next week. This is much cooler than normal for March.

There is another storm forming to hit California next Monday as well. We will update you on Friday. The desert regions may see some rain from next week’s storm.


Colder temperatures are coming to Hermosillo, Mexico, this weekend and next week. Currently high temperatures are in the upper 80°s and low 90°s, with lows in the upper 50°s. Starting Friday, temperatures will drop by 10° across the board with highs only getting up to the mid-70°s and lows in the upper 40°s.


Rain and cold weather are hitting Martinez de la Torre right now. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow will see rain and maximum temperatures in the 60°s. This should put a halt to harvests for a few days. If you're buying limes, you might want to be a little more vigilant with the quality hitting McAllen this week.


Temperatures will cool today through Thursday with highs in the mid 70°, but will begin to warm again starting Friday. Plant City will only see highs in the 60s and lows down around 40° tonight and tomorrow. By Saturday, March 9, the high will be back into the mid-80°s. There is a slight chance of rain in Florida this Sunday.


All major growing regions in Mexico look good. Temperatures are well within normal for this time of the year and no rain in the forecast. Expect quality and supplies to be good across the board.

Thank you again for your support, and we will be back next week with another update.