Weathermelon Weather Report - November 22, 2019

Fri. November 22nd, 2019 - by David Robidoux

IRVINE, CA - Welcome back to another Weathermelon Weather Report.

A major storm system is brewing in the Pacific that will bring cold temperatures and possible rain to all major growing regions in the Western U.S. and Mexico next week. Regions from Salinas in the north, down the coast of California, into the deserts of Coachella and Yuma, and as far south as Culiacán, Sinaloa, will see cooler temperatures and have the possibilities of rain next week.

Below is more detailed information geared toward specific commodities.


Those who deal in strawberries should plan for a possible reduction in volume and quality next week out of California as the first winter storm of the year hits major growing regions.

As of right now, the forecast is for a winter storm to come ashore next Wednesday and remain through Friday. The storm may bring up to 2” of rain over the three days and with it cold temperatures that may slow production. Maximum temperatures starting Wednesday will only reach into the mid-50°s and minimum temperatures will be in the low 40°s, with isolated minimums in the 30°s near Santa Maria. These cooler temperatures will last at least through the weekend of November 30.

This storm will also affect the Baja California berry regions with rain and cold temperatures from Ensenada in the north to as far south as Vizcaíno. The Coachella Valley will see cooler temperatures and a slight chance of rain.

You may want to plan ahead and beat the rain.

Florida, on the other hand, is forecast to have good weather over the next ten days with maximum temperatures in the low 80°s and minimum temperatures in the mid-60°s. The only blip on the radar for these regions are cooler temperatures this Sunday and next Monday when maximum temperatures will be in the low 70°s.


The San Joaquin citrus regions of Delano, Visalia, and Orange Grove, will also see colder temperatures next week with minimums dipping into the 30°s tonight and lasting all next week. The coldest night over the next ten days will be Saturday, November 30, with the minimum dipping down to 32°. Maximum temperatures all next week will only be in the low 50°s. There is also a chance of rain of up to an inch next Wednesday and Thursday.

Could this have a negative effect on citrus? Check with your shippers.


The remnants of Tropical Storm Raymond caused some havoc throughout the Southwest U.S. and Northwest Mexico these past few days. Yuma saw .65” of rain on Wednesday, with all of it coming in the matter of one hour around 3:00am Wednesday morning. You may check with shippers to see if there was any impact. Yuma is anticipated to receive rain next week also from the same storm hitting California.

Portions of San Diego’s avocado growing regions saw up to 1” of rain between Tuesday and Wednesday. Rain is always welcomed in this part of the world by tree crops such as avocados.

We don’t have rain totals for Mexico, but we were told intense rain did fall in regions of Sinaloa and Sonora, including Culiacán and Ciudad Obregón, on Tuesday and Wednesday. I would be extra careful of green beans and squash coming from Sinaloa and Sonora right now due to possible rain damage.


With nine days left in the hurricane season, Tropical Storm Sebastian has formed in the Atlantic. The storm is over 1,000 miles from the coast of the U.S. and is heading northeast back toward the northwest coast of Africa.

There is nothing brewing in the Pacific.

Thank you for your support and have a great weekend.