Side Delights® Entices Consumers to Brick-and-Mortar Locations

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Tue. April 2nd, 2019 - by Maggie Mead

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - In an environment where convenience is king and consumers turn to tech for their grocery shopping needs, it can be difficult to draw customers in to brick-and-mortar grocery stores. Side Delights® has the answer: superior products that offer convenience and taste. As consumers become busier and more stressed, they crave simplicity and ease. Nielsen reports that consumers feel more stretched than ever, and are searching for convenient solutions to simplify their lives. The study reported that 27 percent of consumers were looking for products to make their lives easier. The millennial generation, in particular, craves convenient packaging, which Side Delights satisfies with its convenience-oriented product lines.

Side Delights has a recipe database with more than 3,000 recipes that can be done within a short amount of time

Figuring out what to eat is one of the biggest challenges consumers face when making meals. Over half of U.S. consumers say they would prepare dinner at home more often if they had new ideas. Side Delights has addressed this problem with its Side Delights Recipe Database, which contains over 3,000 recipes, many of which can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

Kathleen Triou, President & CEO, Fresh Solutions Network“Side Delights offers convenient packaging and recipes, but most importantly our products provide ease of preparation and great taste,” said Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network, the exclusive supplier of Side Delights’ potatoes and onions, in a press release. “The Side Delights line of convenience products include Steamables™, Grillables™, and Bakeables™ in addition to our convenient Potato Kits (Flavorables®, Roastables) and the fresh-cut potato line, A Cut Above®. All of these products can be prepared in the microwave, oven, or grill—some in as little as eight minutes.”

Although online shopping is taking off in a big way, some consumers still prefer to make some of their purchases in-store. Fresh produce, especially, drives shoppers to the stores. This is particularly evident with millennials, who prefer to purchase their fresh fruit and vegetables in-store and also buy more of them. A recently released USDA report on the Food Purchase Decisions of Millennial Households determined that millennials place a great deal of importance on convenience and experiential attributes. As they become more wealthy, “they approtion more of their budget to vegetables,” according to the report. This suggests that the millennial generation might have a stronger preference for fruits and vegetables compared to older generations.

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