99 Cents Only's Kimberly Chan and J. Marchini Farms' Sandra Flores Win Strawberry Shortcake Quiz Quix

Thu. June 14th, 2018
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

SACRAMENTO, CA - My strawberry shortcake-eating experience won’t be the same again after the twists and tricks I learned from our latest Quiz Quix, sponsored by Driscoll’s. While many came to challenge their strawberry savvy, two emerged victorious (and $100 richer.)

99 Cents Only’s Kimberly Chan nabbed the buy-side prize, while J. Marchini Farms’ Sandra Flores won for the supply-side.

Kimberly Chan, Assistant Buyer, 99 Cents Only

“Today, I’m going to get myself some strawberry shortcake with overloaded strawberries and share it!” Kimberly told me when I asked what she would do with her winnings.

Sandra, too, was inspired by her quiz victory when she shared what her $100 would go toward.

Sandra Flores, Sales Assistant, J. Marchini Farms

“Strawberries are my favorite, so this was the perfect quiz for me! I will use my prize money to make my coworkers a strawberry dessert that I am sure they will love,” she commented.

But what are two queens without their court of victorious quizzers? See if you spot yourself, or someone you know, on the Top Ten leaderboard!

As always, there is one question that stops most in their tracks. If you’re dying to know that you weren’t the only one, or are looking for a tip when you, yourself, take the quiz, here you go:

Most Missed Question

What does Driscoll’s call those behind growing proprietary berry varieties for optimum flavor?

Correct Answer

Joy Makers

Missed out on this round? You can practice for the next by checking out the link below.

Driscoll's Test Your Knowledge - Strawberry Shortcake

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Congratulations to both Kimberly and Sandra, this year’s National Strawberry Shortcake Day certainly goes to you!

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