AgroThrive Makes Donation to Agricultural Land-Based Training Association in Honor of National Agriculture Week; Marko Macura and Will Daniels Comment

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Mon. April 4th, 2022 - by Jenna Plasterer

GONZALES, CA - What better way to celebrate National Agriculture Week than by supporting up-and-coming farmers in the industry? That’s exactly what AgroThrive did as it announced a donation of over 300 gallons of its liquid organic fertilizer to the Agricultural Land-Based Training Association (ALBA). Between March 21–28, the company matched donations of its fertilizer made on its website and donated it to the organic farmers in training through the non-profit organization.

Marko Macura, Chief Marketing Officer, AgroThrive“The home gardeners really rallied—just like we knew they would,” said Chief Marketing Officer Marko Macura. “Matching their flurry of purchases, we are able to donate more than 300 gallons of liquid organic fertilizer to the farmers learning to farm organically at ALBA. That’s enough to cover 30 acres of farmland.”

ALBA is a non-profit organic agriculture incubator, offering on-farm education on organic farming practices, a press release noted. The organization also helps start-up farms take root and develop in the industry and also provides access to food and education for limited-resource farmers.

Will Daniels, President, AgroThrive“The future of farming depends on dedicated people choosing ag as a career,” said President Will Daniels. “We have a great appreciation for the work ALBA does to support up-and-coming organic farmers with training, tools, and land.”

AgroThrive is also rooted in organic farming, and similar to ALBA, the company is based in California’s Salinas Valley. The purveyor’s fast-acting biofertilizers are used by farmers to increase yields and soil on both conventional and organic farms. These are the same products used by home gardeners and as the ones provided to ALBA participants.

In honor of National Agriculture Week, AgroThrive made a donation of over 300 gallons of its liquid organic fertilizer to the Agricultural Land-Based Training Association

“It’s gratifying to us to partner with ALBA and support their organic farmers in training,” added Macura. “We are proud to be on the frontlines of organic agriculture’s continuing growth, to support a more equitable and environmentally sustainable agriculture sector, and to give our organic gardening community the opportunity to be a part of it all.”

Shout out to AgroThrive for using its products and platform to help future farmers!

AgroThrive Agricultural Land-Based Training Association