Amber Maloney and Hailey Clark Detail Wish Farms' Promotional Strategies

Wed. July 6th, 2022 - by Lilian Diep

PLANT CITY, FL - With shoppers engaging with products in real life and online, promotions both for brick-and-mortar and social media have become even more intertwined within our industry. Savvy growers like Wish Farms know the importance of engaging consumers on all levels, so I got in touch with Amber Maloney, Director of Marketing, and Hailey Clark, Marketing Coordinator, to learn how the company is exploring this digital platform—especially around key summer holidays.

Amber Maloney, Director of Marketing, Wish Farms“There’s no question that social media has changed the world; it’s how people are connecting with others, discovering brands, and accessing information,” explains Amber. “Using platforms like Instagram and TikTok is a key part of our promotional strategy to connect with consumers as people continue to look for ways to connect with the world around them. When it comes to cooking, participating in food trends seen on social media is an easy way to fulfill that connection.”

Tapping into popular trends and searches is one of the best ways to bolster sales this summer season.

Hailey Clark, Marketing Coordinator, Wish Farms“Berries are a summer staple for outdoor celebrations and BBQs. They are bright, fresh, and an easy addition to any summer menu,” Hailey tells me. “Our berries work perfectly tossed into a bowl, onto a charcuterie board, or on top of a refreshing cocktail. These simple ways make a big impact because they are easy to replicate at home. Plus, the balance of sweet berries on a hot summer day with salty, savory BBQ is a win every time.”

By leveraging social platforms, Wish Farms is able to tell its brand story while interacting with consumers in real-time. A polished, professional website is usually one of the first things consumers look for, and shoppers tend to look on social media platforms for creative and engaging content to bring their imaginations to life, authentic stories, and delicious recipes for the table.

Wish Farms is exploring the digital landscape, utilizing platforms like Instagram and TikTok as a key part of its promotional strategy to tap into popular trends and searches

“Our team really focuses on holding true to authentic content, through every post, partnership, and customer service response,” Amber says. “It’s our goal to engage with consumers and pull back the curtain to learning more about our farm, berries, and rich history.”

Another way to engage with consumers and increase blueberry consumption is through the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) Grab A Boost, Give A Boost campaign. Wish Farms has teamed up with the USHBC to level up summer berry eating, and it is doing so through a just cause.

This summer, Wish Farms teamed up with the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council to promote its Grab A Boost, Give A Boost campaign

“In July, we are supporting USHBC by hosting a giveaway on Wish Farms’ Instagram account @wishfarmsberries,” Hailey elaborates. “Consumers are encouraged to use the tag @blueberries to share how they grab (and give) boosts of blue on social media, and the USHBC will donate $1 to No Kid Hungry for each post. Wish Farms will then match the donation, giving an additional $1 to No Kid Hungry for each entry.”

Social media has grown to be an integral component in modern-day businesses—it’s central for us here at ANUK. So, how will our fresh produce industry continue to embrace technology in order to get shoppers to dig into Mother Nature’s bounty? Keep reading to find out.

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