AMHPAC President Oscar Woltman Details 2017-2018 Initiatives and Goals

Tue. September 19th, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura

CULIACÁN, SINALOA, MX - As we look toward the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, many companies are addressing new initiatives to carry them into, and through, the New Year. One of those companies making strides to tackle the constantly changing fresh produce landscape is AMHPAC, which is positioned to help its grower members prosper, as well as the industry at large.

President Oscar Woltman joins me to speak about the association’s plans moving forward, and what we can expect from the growing sector of fresh produce from Mexico.

Oscar Woltman, President, AMHPAC“Over the coming year, AMHPAC will be continuing to position our association to grow in new markets and expand in current ones,” Oscar shares. “We believe Asia and Central America are excellent potential markets where we can grow our presence. Currently, we are working with the Mexican embassy, as well as the embassies in China and Japan to build those relationships further.”

For AMHPAC, these relationships aid and stimulate exports and keep the conversation engaged and forward-looking. From trade shows to new investments within the international community, the association is looking at the future as filled with opportunity. And speaking of investments, as AMHPAC’s members and reach grows, the group will be making infrastructure investments and stimulate the government to do investments in areas such as air freight facilities and shipping programs. The new Mexico City Airport should be able to move large volumes of air transported produce.

Oscar Woltman with workers in FreshMex greenhouse

“The government has to assure trade and phytosanitary agreements to allow produce trade,” Oscar shares, adding that the association takes all necessary steps to ensure the growth is supported and the steps taken are exact.

On a global scale, produce from Mexico is generating more demand each year as Oscar adds, and this is the call that the country is responding to.

Oscar Woltman in a FreshMex greenhouse

“Mexico has the land and the climate. We have the technology, the quality, and we can easily increase production on items from berries to avocados. And, we can export almost year-round as well,” he adds.

AMHPAC is also working towards an insurance fund for members as banks require insurance in order to lend money to the greenhouse industry.

“We want to take care of our members and help promote strategic growth for our association and all involved,” Oscar says. “If we create our own fund, all members will pay a certain fee per hectare. If there are no claims, then the fund can reduce the cost next year. But the point is that this will give our members an opportunity to expand their operations. We saw the lack of a commercial insurance, so we started our own.”

FreshMex bell peppers

The program hopes to be up and running in 2018. Along with the insurance fund, AMHPAC is also creating a financial fund for investments on a commercial basis, and one that has is not on a subsidy basis.

With the second half of the year flying by, AMHPAC is running full speed ahead to evolve its program and the fresh produce community in Mexico and beyond. So stay tuned, as we bring you more from AMHPAC and its vision and goals for the coming year.