Angela Hernandez Discusses Trinity Fruit Company's Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiatives

Fri. August 9th, 2019
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

FRESNO, CA - A recycle symbol is grand, but is it clear? The industry is taking further steps to ensure that consumers understand the sustainability measures being taken and how they can complete the cycle. Trinity Fruit Company’s Director of Marketing, Angela Hernandez, and I took a moment to discuss the company’s moves in this important initiative.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit CompanyTrinity Fruit Company is committed to utilizing eco-friendly packaging for each of our commodities. It is our mission to grow, pack, and ship our quality products in the most environmentally responsible fashion,” Angela shares. “We want to help create a better tomorrow one piece of fruit at a time!”

The latest steps Trinity Fruit Company has taken to achieve this took place in June, when it became a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and became a member of the How2Recycle® label program.

By joining the How2Recycle label program, Trinity Fruit is improving its farming practices and eco-friendly packaging to have a positive impact on the environment

With recyclability at the forefront of consumers’ minds when they see packaging, clarity is key. This program, Angela tells me, offers a custom label on Trinity Fruit’s packaging that tells the consumer how to recycle a package. The label is based in the U.S. and Canada and is the only nationally harmonized label that follows the Federal Trade Commission Green Guides, according to the company.

“This will educate our consumers on how to recycle our products and empower our customers to focus less on deciphering recyclability and more on enjoying our delicious fruit. This will also help reduce contamination in the recycling stream,” she says.

Trinity Fruit Company became a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) in June

And there is more in the works, as well. The team has begun to eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging of its products while also evaluating alternatives for single-use plastics.

The temptation of increased ring at the register is a plus for the system rather than a main motivation. As a grower, Trinity Fruit sees such moves as its duty.

“It is our responsibility at Trinity Fruit Company to create a better tomorrow by constantly evaluating all of our products and processes. We are always questioning ourselves and analyzing what we are doing today and why. From the fields and packing facilities to store shelves and everything in between, we are dedicated to improving methods to be ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially responsible. Making improvements in farming practices and eco-friendly packaging today will have a positive impact on our environment in the long run,” Angela shares.

As Trinity Fruit and the rest of our industry continues to make strides in sustainability, AndNowUKnow will continue to connect you to the latest. Fruit Company