Anthony Innocenti Details LIV Produce Program of Excellence for Global Produce & Floral Show

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Thu. October 19th, 2023 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

CAPISTRANO BEACH, CA - For retailers, a great supplier partner not only fills a need but anticipates them; they know where the blind spots are and proactively generate solutions to combat those hurdles. This is LIV Produce in a nutshell. But, if you ask the team, its arsenal of value can never be contained in such a tiny metaphor.

As we approach the International Fresh Produce Association’s Global Produce & Floral Show (GPFS), the LIV Produce team is preparing to meet its partners where they are: at the forefront of fresh produce.

Anthony Innocenti, Managing Partner, LIV Produce“LIV Produce continues to excel in outstanding customer service, year-round consistency, and excellence,” Managing Partner Anthony Innocenti shares with me. “We are more nimble than ever, allowing us to also excel at meeting our customer needs. We now bring both organic and conventional offerings to our customers to further address the dynamic produce consumer.”

As we look to the near horizon, Anthony reveals the product portfolio that the LIV team will bring to the event. With a full line of citrus offerings, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and hard squash as the highlight of the program—retailers can find a diverse one-stop shop of high-demand produce items.

As we approach the International Fresh Produce Association’s Global Produce & Floral Show (GPFS), the LIV Produce team explains that it is prepared to meet its partners where they are and deliver high quality products

"We can ship 24/7, and our strength in logistics across the nation allows us to fulfill customer orders consistently and on time. The fact we operate 24/7 for loading and shipping trucks means that we have complete control of the supply chain from start to finish," Anthony tells me. "Packing premium product all year round is a tall order, and we accept the challenge with multiple strategies in place to execute for our retail partners."

As the company continues to grow and evolve to meet retail needs, Anthony and his team will be elevating the standard of fresh for their operation and their partners' every retail success.

Please visit booth #593 to see more of LIV Produce’s exciting offerings.

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