Apeel Sciences and Starr Ranch Team Up to Offer More Varieties of Longer-Lasting Organic Apples

Wed. April 8th, 2020 - by Anne Allen

SANTA BARBARA, CA - It’s a beautiful day when two leading companies join forces to make a more sustainable and prosperous fresh produce industry. Recently, Apeel Sciences and Starr Ranch Growers announced a new union to further their presence in the organic apple category.

Michael Schaeman, Vice President of Global Sales, Apeel“We are thrilled to partner with Starr Ranch Growers knowing that their dedication to sustainable growing practices to provide high quality, premium produce aligns with our own values,” said Michael Schaeman, Vice President of Global Sales, Apeel. “Apeel’s plant-derived technology bringing longer-lasting freshness to Starr Ranch’s delicious organic apples is exciting for the industry and ultimately the consumer.”

Apeel extends the lifespan of organic apples by slowing the rate of water loss and maintaining firmness and color. With the quality and shelf life extension provided by using Apeel, organic apples can be stored and sold year-round, creating value throughout the supply chain.

Apeel Sciences and Starr Ranch Growers announced a new partnership to further their presence in the organic apple category

By extending the amount of time organic apples can stay in cold storage, growers/shippers gain greater operational efficiency with higher packouts, less repack, and improved inventory management. Apeel also helps maintain optimal Brix/acid ratios in apples, which means a better product experience for shoppers.

Brett Reasor, Chief Executive Officer, Starr Ranch Growers“Apeel apples help maintain firmness and weight in cold storage and retail conditions, allowing our partners to capture higher sales for product that is sold by the pound,” said Brett Reasor, Chief Executive Officer of Starr Ranch Growers. “With longer storage abilities, we see opportunities to extend the marketing window for all of our organic varieties.”

According to a press release, organic growers do not have the same tools available for post-harvest shelf life. Apeel’s solution offers a significant opportunity to extend seasonality in the organic category. The apple industry’s adoption of Apeel, which is approved for organics, means organic-conscious consumers can enjoy this iconic fruit during all times of the year.

“The demand for organic produce continues to grow, and Apeel is a solution that means less shrink for retailers and less waste at home,” Reasor said. “We are excited to be able to deliver the taste of fresh-picked organic apples year-round.”

As science and technology continue to improve the fresh produce world, ANUK will continue to report.

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