Awe Sum Organics Introduces New Table Grape Variety Candy Snaps

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Mon. May 4th, 2020 - by Chandler James

SONORA, MEXICO - A new crop of table grapes is about to hit Stateside. Awe Sum Organics reported that its organic and Fair Trade Certified™ seedless table grapes from Sonora, Mexico, are forecasted for loading in Nogales, Arizona, beginning May 18. But perhaps the most exciting news of all? A new variety stands among these grape beauties.

David Posner, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder, Awe Sum Organics“All of our Awe Sum Organic Grapes from Sonora, Mexico, are Fair Trade Certified, just like our organic table grapes from Peru. We feel it’s important to give back to the local community involved in growing, harvesting, packing, and shipping our Awe Sum organics grapes. In addition to our red, green, and black seedless varieties, we are excited to introduce our Awe Sum Organics Candy Snaps, which are a new variety with a delightful, ultra-sweet, and tropically fruity flavor,” said David Posner, President, CEO, and Founder.

According to a press release, the black seedless grapes will be available the week after May 18, with the organic Candy Snaps being brought to market in early June. Each variety will be packaged in 18-lb boxes of pouch bags, with 90 cases per pallet.

Awe Sum Organics introduced its Candy Snaps, a new variety with a delightful, ultra-sweet, and tropically fruity flavor, which is joining its lineup of red, green, and black seedless varieties

Given that the products are Fair Trade Certified, a portion of the purchase price will be given to workers and local communities. This money will then go into projects to help improve the community, such as providing education and medical resources. In addition, Awe Sum remarked in its press release, Fair Trade Certification guarantees fair wages and safe working conditions for all workers.

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