Ayco Farms Debuts Exclusive Mini-Watermelon Yellow Me™

Thu. November 19th, 2015 - by Christofer Oberst

POMPANO BEACH, FL - Ayco Farms is debuting a new, exclusive mini-watermelon as they head into the winter months.

The new variety, Yellow Me™, is available during their offshore program from November through April.

With its unique, “yellow-on-the-outside and red-on-the-inside” appearance, Ayco Farms is confident that this new mini-watermelon will be the trending item for the season.

Ayco Farms' Yellow Me™

High brix and a bright color contrast create the “wow” effect within this type of mini watermelon. It’s eye-candy for the melon shelf, the company says. 

As we previously reported, Ayco’s Vice President John McGuigan told us that the company is just getting started on its new, much-anticipated season. This year, Ayco recently entered into its own shipping line in Central America under the AFCO Shipping Line name to allow the company to provide its own control over arrivals, departures, and cost control in its supply chain.

Don’t miss all of the new items from Ayco, including Yellow Me, Orangecello, and single mesh Galia, all available now. 

Ayco Farms