Bee Sweet Citrus Announces Lemons Available for Springtime Promotions

Fri. May 7th, 2021
- by Peggy Packer     

FOWLER, CA - The warm, inviting weather that comes with spring and summer leaves many consumers in search of the refreshing flavors that can only be found in the highest quality citrus. Bee Sweet Citrus is arming retailers with everything they need to meet shoppers’ demands, as it has reported a strong supply of lemons perfect for ramping up springtime promotions.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus“From flavorful dressings to sweet lemonade, lemons are a staple ingredient to many festive recipes,” said Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue. “Whether you prefer the fruit’s zest or juice, they are sure to add refreshing flavor to your meals, snacks, and beverages.”

Bee Sweet Citrus’ lemons are harvested along California’s Central Valley and Central Coast, and come in various bag and bulk options. As the weather begins to warm up and shoppers start filling their baskets in preparation for the grilling season and other exciting outdoor activities, these lemons are the perfect addition to any produce department looking to boost sales.

Bee Sweet Citrus has reported a strong supply of lemons perfect for ramping up springtime promotions

“With summer just around the corner, consumers can utilize lemons to add light, delicious flavor to their diets,” continued Bienvenue. “Because they’re so versatile, lemons are perfect for an afternoon of grilling, fresh springtime meals, and more.”

Lemons are a year-round staple for many households, as they can be utilized in a wide range of recipes from sweet to savory. The unique, zesty flavor of Bee Sweet Citrus’ lemons beautifully complements seafood, different types of protein, salsas, desserts, and more.

Meet all your shoppers’ springtime needs by bringing Bee Sweet Citrus’ amazing lemons to your produce department.

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