Bee Sweet Citrus Launches New Peel Your Way Into Happiness Digital Campaign

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Tue. November 3rd, 2020
- by Jenna Plasterer     

FOWLER, CA - With winter beginning to peek over the horizon, the Bee Sweet Citrus marketing team is making plans to launch its newest digital campaign to boost seasonal sales. The Peel Your Way Into Happiness campaign aims to educate consumers about the brand’s seasonal citrus line through its social media and other online outlets.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus“Bee Sweet’s Peel Your Way into Happiness campaign is really about giving consumers a behind-the-scenes look into the intricacies of California’s citrus industry,” stated Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue. “With an assortment of varieties now available to our consumers, our goal is to highlight the diversity of our citrus line, its farm-to-fork process, and the unique ways citrus can benefit one’s diet.”

As cooler weather creeps in, Bee Sweet is beginning to welcome the arrival of its winter specialty citrus. According to a release from the company, the company currently grows, packs, and ships approximately 15 different citrus varieties, of which oranges, mandarins, and lemons are grown year-round, and the upcoming domestic season providing the perfect opportunity to introduce exciting new varieties.

Bee Sweet Citrus recently launched its Peel Your Way Into Happiness campaign, which aims to educate consumers about the brand’s seasonal citrus line through its social media and other online outlets

“Shoppers want citrus that’s fresh, safe, and fits the needs of their unique lifestyle,” continued Bienvenue. “Our goal is to show consumers how we’re able to provide them with premium citrus year-round, while also offering fun and creative ways to utilize our varieties throughout the season.”

To help customers envision the potential of their favorite citrus and those varieties that have yet to be discovered, Bee Sweet will be using its social media platforms to post newly curated recipes, videos, and sponsored giveaways. With education at the center of the campaign, the company will also be engaging with consumers on a variety of topics that interest them, including production.

As healthy eating options continue to be a priority due to the ongoing pandemic, showcasing citrus and its plethora of vitamins and minerals will continue to drive shoppers to citrus displays all season long.

Bee Sweet Citrus currently grows, packs, and ships approximately 15 different citrus varieties

“With immunity-boosting foods at the top of mind for many families, we want consumers to know that they don’t have to sacrifice flavor for nutrition,” explained Bienvenue. “While all of our varieties are exceptional sources of vitamin C, each of them possesses unique flavor profiles that beautifully complement meals, desserts, and more.”

Bee Sweet Citrus currently offers domestic mandarins, lemons, Navel Oranges, Meyer lemons, grapefruit, and pummelos, and anticipates the arrival of Cara Cara Navels and Blood Oranges in December.

To offer your customers the opportunity to learn more about the amazing benefits of citrus while also racking up wintertime register rings, stock up on Bee Sweet Citrus.

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