Brambles Announces Commitment to Sustainability Goals by 2020

Wed. March 30th, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

SYDNEY, AUS - Operated through IFCO and CHEP brands, supply chain logistics company, Brambles Limited, has set its new sustainability goals to be reached by 2020. 

Having just completed its 2015 goals, marked by the elimination of over 460,000 tons of waste and saving 1.38 million trees, Brambles stated that each new objective pushes the company into closer alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The company said that it expects the new goals to put greater focus on the material aspects of its operations.

Tom Gorman, CEO, Brambles Limited“Brambles has made significant progress in delivering continual improvement through our sustainability objectives over the past five years,” declared CEO Tom Gorman in a press release. “Our 2020 Sustainability Goals set a new challenge for us – one that we are excited and committed to undertaking.”

Brambles Sustainability

Brambles has pledged these goals in continued support of its “Better Business, Better Communities, Better Planet” campaign, to be achieved by 2020:

  • Zero deforestation: completely traceable chain of custody through lumber supply
  • Zero emissions: reduction of CO2-e emissions by 20 percent
  • Zero waste: no wood or plastic wastes sent to landfill
  • Better workplace: 25 percent reduction on workplace incidents, 30 percent more women on the Board or in senior management
  • Better collaboration: yearly improvements in food waste and waste packaging
  • Better supply chains: annual improvements in waste and CO2-e in customer supply chains
  • Helping communities: yearly improvements in education, environment, and food security programs through donations and volunteer-work

“Our commitment to sustainability fits intrinsically with our model, our markets and our customers’ needs, and I am delighted to see our goals also align so directly with the Sustainability Goals established by the UN,” continued Gorman.

Brambles remains confident in its ability to complete the goals, said the company, due to its circular business model for providing customers with multi-use pallets and shipping containers. 

Expanded details on Brambles’ 2020 goals, as well as its completed goals from 2015, can be found on the Brambles website at