Bushwick Commission Rolls Out Newly Designed Potato Packaging; Ken Gray Shares

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Thu. October 28th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

FARMINGDALE, NY - Never underestimate the power of a new look. While consistency may breed comfort in many consumers’ day-to-day life, change is also necessary, as it sparks excitement, curiosity, and impulse purchases, of course. Bringing a fresh new look to the fans of its brand, Bushwick Commission recently unveiled a new packaging redesign for its beloved Guarantee label.

Ken Gray, Executive Vice President, Bushwick Commission“We are a multi-generation family business, and our Guarantee brand has been the cornerstone of our company since 1934 and highlights our promise to our customers,” Ken Gray, Executive Vice President, remarked. “We’re extremely proud of the redesign that is consumer-friendly while maintaining the farm-fresh feel of our original Guarantee label but with a bold, modern flair.”

The new designs will grace the supplier’s full range of potato offerings, including red, Russet, and Yukon gold potatoes, as well as its premium white potato. According to a press release, the bold colors and fonts featured on the refresh packaging highlight a new modernized design and farm scene to catch shoppers’ attention in the produce department.

With tried-and-true recipes included on the back of the bags, such as French Potato Salad and Half-Baked Potatoes, the design draws consumers in with the promise of possibility in their home kitchens. In addition, the bags also provide shoppers with great tips on picking the best potatoes at the store, as well as information about at-home preparation and proper storage.

Bushwick Commission recently unveiled a new packaging redesign for its beloved Guarantee label

“The last year has proven that consumers still love potatoes, and they are pantry staples and meal-time favorites. Our new packaging offers an attractive brand that will stand out on shelves,” Gray pointed out. “Although our packaging has a new look, our customers can continue to expect the same great quality and service for which Bushwick has been known for generations.”

With the winter months in full swing and the holidays quickly approaching, potatoes are on nearly every shopper’s grocery list, and meeting the steady demand is easy with eye-catching products such as those from Bushwick Commission.

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