The California Date Commission Takes Center Stage at This Year's Palm Desert Food & Wine Festival; Kristy Kneiding and Aarti Sequeira Comment

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Thu. March 23rd, 2023 - by Jenna Plasterer

PALM DESERT, CA - As guests take to California's desert region for the Palm Desert Food & Wine event, the California Date Commission will be center stage. There, it will be sharing delicious dates and taking part in chef demonstrations throughout the weekend of March 24–26.

Kristy Kneiding, Manager, California Date Commission"This event attracts some of the top names in the culinary world, many of whom love to cook with dates, and we are proud to be a big part of it," said Kristy Kneiding, California Date Commission Manager. "Being able to showcase the nutritional benefits and great taste of California dates to such an influential audience is exciting and rewarding for the date industry."

The commission will have a space at the grand entrance where attendees can sample different date varieties, including Medjool, Deglet Noor, Brown Barhi, and Halawi. According to a release, they are also invited to play games to win prizes such as Aarti's Little Black Date Book, an exclusive digital recipe book with date recipes by celebrity chef Aarti Sequeira as well as a 2 lb box of California dates, and a $150 grocery gift card.

As guests take to California’s desert region for the Palm Desert Food & Wine event, the California Date Commission will be center stage

On Saturday, March 25 1–2 p.m., Sequeria will host Aarti's Date Paarti where she will be cooking live and preparing a delectable dish featuring delicious California dates. She will be joined by local date farmer Mark Tadros for a discussion about California dates and the famous Coachella Valley growing region.

Aarti Sequeira, Chef"Dates are a miracle, thriving in conditions that would take out most other fruit, yet yielding perhaps the sweetest, most indulgent of them all," said Sequeira, winner of The Next Food Network Star Season 6 and Celebrity Ambassador for California Dates. "They are nature's candy. Brown sugar, caramel, fudge…it's all there, and nowhere more than in the bounty grown in California. I grew up eating dates since I was a child in Dubai, and these Cali beauties are some of the best I've ever tasted!"

Attendees, make sure to stop by the California Date Commission's booth to get your fill of delicious dates and inspiration galore.

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