California Table Grape Commission Shares News of Promotable California Table Grape Volume Through December; Kathleen Nave Comments

Wed. November 24th, 2021 - by Jordan Okumura

FRESNO, CA - What makes the Christmas season an even more coveted holiday for the fresh produce department? The gift of continued California table grape availability through December and into the new year. As California Table Grape Commission’s (CTGC) Kathleen Nave shares, promotable volumes of the California crop will be available through December, allowing retail promotions and consumer advertising to continue through year-end in the United States, and in Canada, Mexico, and other key export markets.

Kathleen Nave, President, California Table Grape Commission“The U.S. is a good market for California grapes,” Nave, CTGC’s President, commented as she expressed her positive outlook, “and even better this season in terms of demand and price than it has been in recent years.”

Nave expressed that the U.S. retail commitment to stick with California through the month of December—as opposed to focusing on imported grapes—remains strong. In addition, Canada, Mexico, and Central America have all been particularly good markets this season with exports to Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan steady, according to a press release. This is all despite of the worldwide shipping issues—proving that the category is one to be rivaled.

At present, harvest is still underway in some areas, with a typical California season shipping throughout the U.S.—and to multiple export markets—into January. As Nave notes, this year looks to be no different. Fingers-crossed.

The California Table Grape Commission announced that promotable volumes of the California table grape crop will be available through December, allowing continued retail promotions and consumer advertising through the end of the year U.S. and key export markets

The commission also shared that late-season retail promotions in the U.S. and Canada include sales contests, retailer-tagged media support, and retail dietitian consumer-based outreach programs; advertising on digital television, social media platforms, digital and terrestrial radio, and shopping apps are part of the mix. The big window for advertising continues in December in Mexico and key markets in Central America. On top of that, retail promotions can be scheduled in those export markets and multiple others as well—opportunities not to be missed.

For retailers who thought the season might be closing come the end of November, it’s time to reignite those supplier communications to give consumers what they crave this month: California table grapes.

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