California Walnut Board Offers Promotional Opportunities Ahead of Autumn Routines

Mon. August 7th, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

FOLSOM, CA - The dog days of summer are almost at an end, which heralds the close of the season. This means it’s the perfect time for retailers to encourage shoppers, especially students and parents, to stock up on California Walnuts, says the California Walnut Board. The school year is almost upon us, so it’s time to break out the promotions for back-to-school and get back to busy routines.

“California Walnuts is an ideal partner for retailers looking to reach shoppers with foods that offer health benefits that align with the back-to-school season. Walnuts are known to offer important nutrients that may help support cognition and brain development in teens,” noted the statement. “The California Walnut’s retail team has been working to expand the distribution of walnuts in the produce section, encouraging placement alongside complementary fruits and vegetables. This placement also offers retailers the opportunity to promote student-friendly recipes that use seasonal produce and walnuts—from the Strawberry Walnut Date Smoothie to Vanilla Walnut Berry Trail Mix.”

Helping to drive back-to-school demand, the California Walnut Board offers customized retail program development, including in-store displays and downloadable resources for shopper education

In a recent study, continued the statement, researchers found adolescents (aged 11–16) who ate about one handful of walnuts daily for six months had positive neuropsychological scores, including improved attention scores, improved fluid intelligence scores, and reduced ADHD symptom scores. I guess walnuts' brain-like appearance isn’t just for show! With these health-boosting benefits, walnuts make for the perfect snack and ingredient to promote during the back-to-school season.

California Walnuts offers customized retail program development, including in-store displays, along with downloadable materials and resources for shopper education.

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