Carlson Produce Consulting, LLC Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with New Website Launch

Tue. August 14th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

CHICAGO, IL - Craig Carlson, CEO & President of Carlson Produce Consulting, LLC, launched the company in July of 2013 and is celebrating the fifth anniversary of this consulting venture—and five years of successful value creation—with the launch of a new interactive website.

With over thirty years of retail and foodservice experience, working for notable corporations such as Walmart and US Foods, Craig decided to leverage his network and take his skills to market in order to help others break into the industry. Over the past five years, Craig has worked with a range of clients—from retailers to start-ups and growers—delivering superior results and boasting a proven track record of growing the bottom line to drive productivity, create value, and deliver growth. Craig has helped develop value creation plans, sourcing initiatives, and execute innovative business and brand development projects.

Craig Carlson has experience across the board in delivering value and building high-performance products and services within fresh produce and perishable supply chains

According to a press release, the site represents a new phase for both Carlson and CPC, LLC, as the company wanted to showcase the next stage of its development.

The new website offers ease of navigation, a clean interface, and the ability to comprehensively understand Craig’s experience, services, and past and present clients. For more information, please navigate to

Congratulations to Craig Carlson on this milestone!

Carlson Produce Consulting, LLC