Catania's Paul Catania Jr. Gives the Lowdown and Update on California Figs

Fri. July 26th, 2019
- by Anne Allen     

MISSISSAUGA, ON - Figs have grown in popularity over the last decade, as consumers have taken to eating them in both sweet and savory dishes. Paul Catania Jr., CEO of Catania Worldwide, gave me the lowdown on this gorgeous fruit.

Paul Catania Jr., CEO, Catania Worldwide“California figs are a great attraction,” he began. “The best way to market them is to educate consumers on all the different ways to eat fresh figs. They can be eaten raw or cooked, and make a perfect addition to any recipe. You can stuff them with gorgonzola and then wrap them in prosciutto for a flavorful appetizer. Or you can make some fig jam and spread it on your morning toast!”

The options, it would seem, are endless. Full of fiber and rich in minerals, figs also offer health-conscious consumers a guilt-free way of snacking.

Catania Worldwide believes the best way to market fresh figs, including varieties like Brown Turkeys, Black Mission, and Sierra, is to educate consumers on all the different ways to eat them

Catania is entering into the beginning stages of harvest for its second crop of figs from California, which include varieties such as Brown Turkeys, Black Mission, and Sierra. Sizable volumes are expected for all three.

Brown Turkeys are a larger piece of fruit and not as commonly known,” Paul shared. “They’re gaining more recognition and popularity. Our second-crop Black Mission figs are traditionally a bit smaller than first crop, but an exceptional eating piece of fruit. And our green variety is the Sierra, which is also a fine eating piece of fruit.”

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