C.H. Robinson Introduces Navisphere® Vision

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Fri. September 15th, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – C.H. Robinson has introduced a new innovation with the launch of Navisphere® Vision, a supply chain technology that provides real-time global visibility across all modes and regions in one platform.

“The industry has seen supply chain visibility tools before, but Navisphere represents the next generation,” said Jordan Kass, President of TMC. “Not only is it global, but Navisphere Vision goes far beyond visibility and helps our customers predict supply chain disruptions before they even occur.”

In addition to providing real-time visibility, Navisphere Vision delivers:

  • Insights and impacts of potential disruptions from weather, traffic, or current events
  • Predictive analytics to help shippers make better, faster decisions
  • A single view of all global inventory to support working capital needs and cash-to-cash cycle management

C.H. Robinson's new Navisphere® Vision

The company said in a press release that access to real-time global visibility, combined with new supply chain insights, empowers shippers with new agility, accuracy, and real-time decision-making to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Chad Lindbloom, Chief Information Officer, C.H. Robinson“Navisphere Vision utilizes API technology to aggregate all other supply chain and information sources into one single location, giving our customers the most streamlined, real-time solution available. And it brings a new level of machine-learning and data science the supply chain industry hasn’t seen to date,” said Chad Lindbloom, Chief Information Officer at C.H. Robinson.

Microsoft, a customer of C.H. Robinson’s TMC, has been using Navisphere Vision since its alpha release in 2016.

“Navisphere Vision helps us make decisions on a more precise, real-time level so we can address any challenges so we can address any challenges that might occur, react in a less randomized fashion, create predictability throughout our supply chain, and increase collaboration so we can deliver our products to consumers on time,” said Alaina Hawkins, Senior Manager of Global Logistics at Microsoft. “It’s tremendously powerful.”

For more information on Navisphere Vision, look here.

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