Christopher Ranch Touts California Garlic Revival

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Mon. July 30th, 2018 - by Lillie Apostolos

GILROY, CA - I would venture to say that every savory dish is made better with garlic. It adds a unique flavor to the mix, and I’m happy to report that garlic is running aplenty over at Christopher Ranch. The company recently shared that it is harvesting over 100 million pounds of California Heirloom garlic for the first time in decades. To do this, the company expanded its acreage over the years, since its 1956 founding, to reach the 100-million-pound goal.

Ken Christopher, Christopher Ranch“We’re excited that US consumers are increasingly choosing American-grown produce. When they choose Christopher Ranch, they are supporting a company that guarantees them a product anchored around a philosophy of food safety, transparency, and corporate social responsibility,” Ken Christopher, Executive Vice President, shared on the news. “We’re the only family-owned and operated commercial garlic farm in the US and proud to also be the only farm that guarantees our Christopher Ranch garlic is all sourced from the US. Our customers value this commitment to excellence, and a return to 100 million pounds is unmistakable evidence that we’re doing something right.”

Christopher Farms has worked diligently to educate retailers and consumers to question where food comes from in order to negate the spread of cheaper and sometimes illegally-dumped foreign alternatives to its US-grown garlic. According to a press release, the company’s education efforts boost domestic farms’ business and ensure proper food safety and traceability measures are in place.

This season, Christopher Ranch is harvesting over 100 million pounds of California Heirloom garlic for the first time in decades

The company was at the Gilroy Garlic Festival to really showcase its products, being the official Garlic Sponsor for the event. It launched its first Great Garlic Giveaway. The contest offers four winners a year’s supply of garlic—don’t mind my growling stomach at the thought of that prize-of-all-prizes. This year was the 40th annual Festival, and the first 4,000 attendees every morning walked away from the event with a box of California Heirloom garlic from Christopher Ranch.

With production in full swing, garlic me—because there is always a reason to use more garlic!

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