Coast to Coast Growers Cooperative Announces First Seasonal U.S. Shipment of KORU® New Zealand Apples; Tim Byrne Comments

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Fri. May 12th, 2017 - by Eva Roethler

UNITED STATES - Coast to Coast Growers Cooperative has announced that container shipments of New Zealand KORU® apples have begun arriving at U.S. ports. Though the KORU variety is also now produced stateside, the bulk of the current available crop is harvested annually in New Zealand.

Tim Byrne, Manager, Coast to Coast Growers Cooperative“80% of these apples are in the three prime sizes, really perfect-size fruit,” said Tim Byrne, Manager of Coast to Coast Growers Cooperative. “This is the fourth New Zealand crop, slated for export to North America. These apples are ideal in many ways–sweet flavor, crisp flesh, great color, and good size.”

A cross between Fuji and Braeburn varieties, the KORU brand is positioned as a premium apple, much like Honeycrisp. Byrne also noted that fruit quality is exceptional this year.

A high-graphic merchandising carton of KORU® New Zealand apples.

“KORU brings together the subtle sweetness of the Fuji with the Braeburn’s slight tang,” noted Byrne. “It’s really an inspired combination, perfect for eating, baking, and cooking.”

While the first May arrivals of KORU have been sold, more containers will be arriving later in May and over the next few months, so it is still possible to order these New Zealand KORU® apples in 12 kg 2-Layer RDT and 18 kg 4-Layer traypack cartons as well as pouch bags.

85% of this year’s New Zealand KORU crop is being shipped to the U.S. for distribution and sales through three suppliers that represent the Coast to Coast Growers Cooperative: New York Apple Sales of New York State, along with Borton Fruit and Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers of Washington State.

Only commercially harvested in New Zealand since 2013, KORU has already achieved a reputation as a superior apple for production, storage, and consistent quality. Consumers appreciate how it retains crispness and a rich, aromatic flavor with a honey finish.

"Escape Ordinary" tagline adorning KORU® display materials.

To order KORU apples from New Zealand, purchasers may contact –

KORU apples are being supported with point-of-sale and marketing materials including display bins, high-graphic merchandising cartons, and pouch bags. The brand is positioned to consumers with the tagline: “Escape Ordinary,” and the descriptor “crisp, sweet, and naturally delicious.” These promotional materials can be obtained at no cost through the Coast to Coast Growers Cooperative supplier from which apples are ordered.

More and more orchards are being planted with KORU, with 15 growers in New York and another six in Washington.

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