Continental Fresh’s Robert Cabili Named Partner and Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Fri. December 4th, 2020
- by Lilian Diep     

MIAMI, FL - Our industry is home to astounding people, and it is also an environment that produces some of the most inspiring leaders. From joining Continental Fresh as a Sales Associate in 2017 to now Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Robert Cabili has forged a path all his own. His aptitude and innate talent have opened many doors, leading Continental Fresh to name him as a Partner with ownership in the company. I sat down with Robert to explore what led him to such great heights and uncover what he has in store for the grower.

Robert Cabili, Partner and Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Continental Fresh“Although I did not have any prior experience in the produce industry, I was confident that I could contribute to Continental Fresh by applying my background in sales and purchasing,” Robert tells me. “I truly enjoy being a part of the produce industry where I get to work in a fast-paced and exciting environment, build relationships with customers and growers, and provide healthy and fresh produce to people throughout the country.”

From his entry into the business, Robert has been on a fast track of growth through the company. Robert began by traveling to Mexico and Latin America to understand the supply-side of the business as well as across the U.S. to learn about the retail, processing, foodservice, and wholesale operations of the industry.

Starting his career at Continental Fresh as a Sales Associate in 2017, Robert Cabili now holds the role of Vice President of Sales and Business Development and has been named a Partner of the company

Robert has taken to the industry like a duck to water. A natural at sales with a calm and attentive style, Robert has surpassed every benchmark the company had set in front of him. However, his sharp mind keeps him—and Continental Fresh—focused on growth and expansion.

“Moving forward, I would like us to explore new opportunities to grow as a company. We will expand our catalog of items that we sell and continue to build new relationships with customers throughout the U.S.,” explains Robert.

Before joining Continental Fresh, Robert participated in the building of a water project for BLUE Missions, a non-profit that is supported by the company

A rising star in our industry to keep an eye out for, Robert’s path to success was intertwined with Continental Fresh long before he joined the company. Prior to joining the grower, Robert had participated in the building of a water project for BLUE Missions, the non-profit that Continental supports with its Water For All and Food For Humanity labels. Embodying the company’s passion for People, Produce, and Purpose, Robert has also taken part in the Trek for Clean Water, a fundraiser summit of the highest peak in the Caribbean that Continental Fresh sponsors in the Dominican Republic.

“Over the years, we have participated in mission trips during the summer to help build aqueducts and latrines for communities in need. These experiences inspired the creation of our ‘Water For All’ label,” Robert elaborates. “A percentage of each cucumber, butternut, and mango box sold under this label is donated to BLUE Missions.”

With a penchant for sales, the community, and growth, the only direction for Robert and Continental Fresh to go is onward and upward! For the latest leadership developments, fresh updates, and more in our industry, keep checking back to ANUK.

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