Cox Cleantech's Steve Bradley, Mucci Farms' Bert Mucci, and BrightFarms' Steve Platt Discuss Synergetic Approach to Greenhouse Growth

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Wed. October 26th, 2022 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

LEAMINGTON, ON - Allyship and strategic positioning continue to unfold as the produce industry looks to further strengthen its hold on shelf space and consumer desire. In this, Cox Cleantech is investing in heavyweights of indoor farming—first, by the acquisition of BrightFarms in 2021, then a strategic investment in Mucci Farms in 2022.

Steve Bradley, Vice President, Cox Cleantech“We are building a platform in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) that unites players like BrightFarms and Mucci Farms, who prioritize quality, innovation, and sustainability to create the partner of choice for retailers across North America,” said Steve Bradley, Vice President of Cox Cleantech.

Building what the trifecta called a "sustainable produce growth engine that will transform the industry,” Cox is constructing a platform of winning brands across major categories in the produce sector. In turn, broadening both the scale and scope of offerings benefits retailers and consumers with more access to a wider assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables in more regions.

Bert Mucci, Chief Executive Officer, Mucci Farms“In the last several years, we have been focused on strategic opportunities to expand our footprint across North America, and being part of the Cox Cleantech platform has given us access to other innovative companies in the CEA space,” said Bert Mucci, Chief Executive Officer of Mucci Farms. “As we continue our efforts to be at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, we’re looking forward to working with BrightFarms to find the best ways to complement each other in our shared goals.”

With a shared vision to maximize supply and access to new markets, Mucci Farms and BrightFarms are each industry-leading suppliers in their respective categories with shared values and immense experience with which to support retailers.

Steve Platt, Chief Executive Officer, BrightFarms“With Cox at our backs and Mucci at our sides, we are a better, stronger company. We are poised to not only lead in indoor salads, but to build a more resilient produce supply chain in North America,” Steve Platt, Chief Executive Officer of BrightFarms, confirmed.

It looks as though we are only seeing the beginning of this combined power, as BrightFarms and Mucci Farms confirmed how, supported by Cox Enterprises, both have the capital to invest in long-term growth.

For those in the industry headed to Orlando, Florida, for International Fresh Produce Association’s Global Produce & Floral Show, I cannot think of a better time to visit both Mucci Farms at booth #2643 and BrightFarms at booth #4949 to get a closer look at these combined offerings, talk to the teams, and discover how this new alliance might best serve new and continued customers. See you there!

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