Curry & Company Kicks Off its 2015 Sweet Onion Season

Mon. August 17th, 2015
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

BROOKS, OR - Curry & Company has started its 2015 sweet onion harvest in the Pacific Northwest, and will be marketed under the ‘Curry & Company Sweet Onions’ label.

Matt Curry, President, Curry & Company

“Onions have come full circle for us in Brooks, OR. In the 1940’s, this was the predominant onion growing region in the state, but over the years, onion production greatly declined in this area, in part because of the moister climate,” Matt Curry, President of Curry & Company states. “However, by working closely with the seed company, we have identified sweet onion varieties that thrive in western Oregon."

The company’s program features sweet onions grown in western Oregon, predominantly in the Willamette Valley region of the state. Packed at their Brooks, OR warehouse, the onions are available from August to April. Curry & Company Sweet Onions are available in a full range of sizes and consumer packages including bags, bulk, and bins.

Curry & Co.'s Sweet Onion Box

According to a press release, Curry & Company has worked closely with its seed supplier to identify the seed varietals that work the best with the rich soils of the Willamette Valley. Advanced growing techniques, transplants, and proper timing have all helped Curry & Company build a sweet onion program in this region.

Curry continued, "We have done several taste tests, and our Curry & Company Sweet Onions have always come out on top, we are excited for consumers to experience these delicious onions nationwide, and are excited to once again be growing onions ‘in our own backyard.’”

In 2014, Curry & Company launched the Lake Labish Sweet Onion, named after the lake that was drained over 100 years ago to create the company’s farming region. After a successful season, Curry & Company decided to expand upon this success, capitalizing on the Curry & Company brand with its account base. 

Curry & Company