Divine Flavor and Grupo Alta Celebrate Farmworker Awareness Week; Michael DuPuis and Luis Carlos Romo Badilla Share

Mon. March 28th, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

NOGALES, AZ - This week marks a celebration of those that play an integral part in the fresh produce industry: Farmworkers. In honor of Farmworker Awareness Week, Divine Flavor and its grower partner Grupo Alta are shining a spotlight on its team as they continue to bolster their workforce with social programs.

Michael DuPuis, Quality Assurance and Public Relations Manager, Divine Flavor“Not only during Farmworker Awareness week, but the entire year, we are proud to acknowledge our workforce,” commented Michael DuPuis, the Quality Assurance and Public Relations Manager for Divine Flavor.

Grupo Alta became one of the first Fair Trade Certified farms in the country, generating more than $6.5 million for community development funds from Divine Flavor group. These funds have been allocated to various community projects including health facilities for workers, medical and dental services at the farm, and scholarship programs for the workers and their families.

Divine Flavor is celebrating its workers for Farmworker Awareness Week with its grower partner Grupo Alta by shining a spotlight on its team

Luis Carlos Romo Badilla, a Production Coordinator at Pozo Manuel, one of Grupo Alta’s largest vineyards, received one of those scholarships to help him finish his degree in Horticulture. His journey started with his mother, Maria Jesus Badilla Lopez, who has been working at the same farm as a Field Supervisor since it opened in 2012.

Luis Carlos Romo Badilla, Production Coordinator, Pozo Manuel, Grupo Alta“When I was in my third year of university, I received a scholarship from Grupo Alta. I remember meeting Engineer Alan Aguirre, Chief Executive Officer and President of Divine Flavor/Grupo Alta, and he told me I could keep the scholarship until I finished but the only condition was, I kept good grades. I was very grateful, and I was able to support myself with certain school needs because of the scholarship,” said Romo Badilla. “I have a passion for what I do, and I’m proud to work for Grupo Alta, which is a very strong agricultural company and is driven to provide a quality of life for its workers.”

Romo Badilla has been with Grupo Alta for 5 years since then and is now responsible for coordinating the staff in the vineyards, teaching them the pruning techniques, selection of grape bunches, and how to effectively manage the grape season from start to finish.

Luis Carlos Romo Badilla, pictured left with his mother Maria Jesus Badilla Lopez, is one such worker that has benefitted from Divine Flavor group’s more than $6.5 million investment into the community development fund, which provides for various community projects and scholarship programs

To read more of what Romo Badilla had to say about his experience at Grupo Alta, click here.

We here at AndNowUKnow stand with companies like Divine Flavor in raising our glasses to the farmworkers who help feed the world.

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