Dole Food Company Spotlights Banana Category in 10-Day Campaign; William Goldfield Comments

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Thu. March 28th, 2024 - by Jenna Plasterer

CHARLOTTE, NC - Tax Day is almost here, on April 15, but it is always darkest before the dawn. Following the closure of tax season, Dole Food Company is breathing life back into us all by celebrating National Banana Day on April 17.

William Goldfield, Director of Corporate Communications, Dole Food Company
William Goldfield, Director of Corporate Communications, Dole Food Company

“If bananas along with pineapples are the heart and soul of Dole, then National Banana Day is Dole’s biggest chance to celebrate our mission and legacy and honor everyone who continues to make the Musa genus the most popular fruit in the world,” said William Goldfield, Director of Corporate Communications for Dole. “And since this year’s holiday is part of the Dole 125th Banana-versary, we want to make it a banana-lovers’ party for the ages.”

This year, Dole will celebrate the holiday with 10 days of contests, charity engagements, city proclamations, social media activations, employee events, and so much more. According to a release, these giveaways will spread across 13 of the company’s offices throughout the United States.

Dole Food Company will be celebrating National Banana Day on April 17

From April 11–20, the landing page for the Dole 125th Banana-versary will feature a list of events and activities that will be updated throughout the celebration. It will also host downloadable resources created by Dole specially for the event.

April 17 also marks the in-store launch of the first of three sets of commemorative Dole 125th Banana-versary stickers—featuring art saluting the people, the journey, the flavors, the earth, and the heritage of Dole—on millions of DOLE® Bananas across the United States and Canada.

The company is working with retailers throughout North America to bring National Banana Day and the Dole 125th Banana-versary to shoppers through dedicated displays, point-of-purchase materials, and other in-store activations.

To learn more about Dole’s celebration, click here.

It’s time to help your shoppers get their banana celebration on by promoting Dole bananas and these events in your aisles!