Driscoll's Showcases #FinestBlackberries in Exclusive What's In Store Video

Thu. April 13th, 2017
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

WATSONVILLE, CA - The season for the #FinestBlackberries is finally here, and the window is short. As Driscoll’s looks to uphold our mission to keep our consumers delighted by having only the #FinestBerries, here’s What’s In Store for the #FinestBlackberries.

At this time of year, nature provides ideal conditions for growing berries with exquisite taste and beautiful appearance, but it takes more than that. To lay claim to the sweetest and juiciest blackberries around, Driscoll’s goes through a rigorous process of strict quality standards, ensuring that each berry is the perfect size, color, and flavor.

So, what makes Driscoll’s Season’s Finest Blackberries truly the finest? Grown in warmer regions with acidic soil, which lends to a more consistent and flavorful fruit, our Research and Development team works hard to find the right variety, selection, and genetics that best fit the environment the product is most suitable for. High yield, disease resistance, fruit size, pick speed, and a high flavor score are just some of the points checked to keep our consumers happy.

With constant consumer feedback for freshness, flavor, and appearance, Driscoll’s consistently checks in to ensure our berries are truly the finest.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Available in 6 oz, 12 oz, and 18 oz Season’s Finest packaging, see for yourself what all the buzz is about. The season’s #FinestBlackberries are only available for a limited time; with peak abundance in the spring and summer months, don’t delay in getting yours.

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