Duda Farm Fresh Foods' Martin Jefferson Discusses California Vegetable Season and More

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Thu. May 17th, 2018 - by Kayla Webb

SALINAS, CA - Take me out to the ball park, let me roll in the grass; I don’t care whose team crosses the plate, all I want are the snacks (sing to the tune of Take Me Out To The Ball Game)! With summer practically upon us and America’s favorite summer sport in full swing. Duda Farm Fresh Foods has game-goers covered with the perfect ball park snack—California vegetables—thanks to a great season.

Duda Celery Stick Products

I chatted with Martin Jefferson, Production Manager, Northern California, to learn more about Duda Farm Fresh Foods current California vegetable season.

Martin Jefferson, Production Manager, Northern California, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“We’re about mid-way through the season from when we started planting, and just about a month and a half since the beginning of most harvesting in the Salinas region,” Martin tells me. “We’re currently growing head lettuce, romaine, mixed leaf lettuce, cauliflower, celery, and broccoli, with great quality across the board on all commodities.”

Despite the heat that passed through California a few weeks ago, Martin explains that it was not warm enough to cause any problems. Even the cold spell in February didn’t put a damper on this growing season.

“This year, all products seem to be well-aligned with their need for the market, which is great as we prepare to harvest. Overall, we are expecting volume to be slightly above last year’s volume,” Martin says. “Currently, the market for head lettuce is going steady, with good demand, which is typical for this time of year.

Celery harvest is on schedule in Oxnard

And for those retailers getting antsy about their celery supply, not to worry! Martin also shares that celery harvest is on schedule in Oxnard and is lined up well to transition up to Salinas in June, with demand already fair for the coveted variety.

Already looking ahead to fall, Martin also tells me Duda Farm Fresh Foods Salinas production region is in its turnaround phase, where many of the spring production fields are already being diced, prepped, and planted for fall production.

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