Eagle Eye Produce Invests in Storage Technology

Tue. June 9th, 2020 - by Anne Allen

IDAHO FALLS, ID - The key to success is to always plan ahead. For Eagle Eye Produce, that strategic planning is paying off. Major investments in new storage technology over the past few years have allowed the grower to stand out against other potato suppliers. This is due to the fact that it can supply premium Idaho-Grown Red Potatoes at the local level.

Jared Neville, Commodity Director, Eagle Eye Produce“Historically, the storage crop Idaho-Grown Red Potatoes during this time of year see pressure bruising and the quality dips below strict guidelines to where suppliers look to pull from other regions,” said Jared Neville, Commodity Director. “This new proprietary storage method has allowed us to better control our quality to where we can continue to sell our local product. We are proud to be able to continue to supply our customers directly with product grown, packed, and shipped by us.”

As the industry trends toward better traceability and higher quality product, Eagle Eye Produce sees this as a major stepping-stone in achieving that balance. According to a press release, Eagle Eye Produce’s red potato crops are fully integrated with its other year-round potato programs. This industry-leading structure allows for one-stop loading of russet, red, yellow, and value-added products from its facilities in Idaho.

Eagle Eye Produce has made major investments in new storage technology to stand out against other potato suppliers

Eagle Eye Produce offers a wide array of retail and foodservice pack styles under several proven brands with the option for private labels and a national sales and marketing team to support its global customer base.

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