Early Harvest for This Year's Colorful Harvest's Sweet Red Corn

Wed. May 6th, 2015
- by Jessica Donnel     

SALINAS, CA - It’s harvest time for sweet red corn, and this year you’ll be sure to have enough for Labor Day.

Colorful Harvest has begun bringing in the first loads of its Ruby Jewel™ sweet red corn for 2015. This year, the harvest is kicking off a full week earlier than expected, quickly moving this season into high gear.

Colorful Harvest Ruby Jewel Corn

Ruby Jewel™ sweet red corn is the product of traditional non-GMO plant breeding, and gets its red hue from high levels of antioxidants expressed by the seed variety. The heirloom style red corn reflects the traits of modern sweet corn’s multi-hued ancestors that were blue, green, purple, and even red.

According to a press release, the sweet red corn is available in bulk cartons, as well as the trimmed and windowed 4 ear tray packs. And thanks to an expanded planting schedule, the company expects to have consistent supply from now through Labor Day. 

With BBQ season right around the corner, backyard chefs are definitely in for a treat.

Colorful Harvest