Eric Beck Shares Wada Farms Organic Idaho Program Before SEPC Southern Exposure

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Fri. February 7th, 2020 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

IDAHO FALLS, ID - This is the season for hearty and healthy eating options here in North America as we move through the first part of February and fill our bellies in anticipation of an amazing year to come. Retailers are taking note, too, as is Wada Farms. Fresh on the heels of the New Year, the company is bringing its full line of organic Idaho potatoes to market.

Eric Beck, Marketing Director, Wada Farms“The most lucrative part of the Wada Farms organic program is the one-stop-shop factor, which benefits both our growers and our retail partners,” Marketing Director Eric Beck tells me. “We had roughly 1,000 acres in production for 2019 with the potential for more increases in 2020.”

With SEPC’s Southern Exposure right around the corner, the company is also taking advantage of the occasion to share this message and the company’s expansive program with attendees and buying partners. Currently and through the show, Wada Farms is offering red and yellow organic potatoes into early June and Russet organic potatoes into late May from its Idaho program. In this region, primary growing goes from April through August for the company.

The varieties used for the Wada organic program have gone through a vigorous trial and error process to ensure they meet the needs of today’s marketplace. Careful consideration is given not only to the agronomics of the varieties used for long-term sustainability, but also to the merchandising demands of appearance and culinary factors for the end user.

Wada Farms is bringing its full line of organic Idaho potatoes to market

All varieties have been chosen to suit customers’ needs for both appearance as well as culinary factors.

“Our program continues to gain velocity with new and existing customers. The uniqueness behind our program is two-fold. First, we provide consolidation opportunities for those customers that are looking to get a bit of ‘everything’ on their trucks. Some can’t take a full truckload of organics or just want a few pallets of each variety. Wada can help facilitate those needs through our supply chain services,” Eric shares. “It’s in the details and paying attention to the customer’s supply chain needs that sets Wada apart in helping customers build their organic programs. Second, our organic program is nearly year-round from one location.”

With SEPC’s Southern Exposure right around the corner, Wada Farms is taking advantage of the occasion to share its expansive program with attendees and buying partners

As Eric reflects, Wada has been able to implement practices that help storage potatoes last longer.

“What this means to the customer is greater shipping efficiencies, better consolidation, and cost savings to the bottom line,” he says. “The Wada organic program continues to gain momentum and is looking forward to continued growth in 2020."

Wada Farms offers all the traditional packs that are in demand within the industry from bulk and consumer packs to totes.

With a program as progressive and expansive as Wada Farms, it is easy for retailers to have peak time, all the time.

Check out Wada Farms’ portfolio and vision at SEPC Southern Exposure booth #227 and keep an “eye” out for those organic potatoes!

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