Fire Up Produce Departments With Frieda's Hatch Chile Pouch Bags

Thu. July 6th, 2017 - by Jordan Okumura

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - The exclusively Mesilla Valley-grown, highly sought-after Hatch chiles are back. The pepper is available fresh once a year, answering the desire of chile pepper fans everywhere with a zesty, bold flavor.

Frieda’s Specialty Produce wants to help the buy-side harness that heat with a new 8/2 lb retail pouch.

Alex Jackson Berkley, Senior Account Manager, Frieda's Specialty Produce“These pouches help retailers reduce shrink and increase sell-through at the register,” said Alex Jackson Berkley, Senior Account Manager. “With Hatch Chiles looking identical to Anaheim chiles, this bag will help retail buyers accurately track sales, and cashiers to accurately ring up product. Plus, the package educates shoppers on how to roast the chiles for ultimate flavor.”

With a special kick to the pepper by being roasted over open flame, Frieda’s said in a press release that many retailers host in-store chile-roasting events to build excitement and provide shoppers with an authentic New Mexico Hatch chile festival experience.

Frieda's Hatch Chile Pouch Bags come in Hot, Medium, and Mild

“This is the perfect time to start planning for your Hatch program to increase summer sales,” said Berkley. “August is the only time of year when Hatch chiles are available fresh for roasting, and serious Hatch chile fans go crazy for them. Frieda’s has organized in-store roasting events since 2011, and retailers see the Hatch chile halo effect through sales across all departments. Shoppers who buy fresh or roasted Hatch chiles will also pick up cheese, chips, and beer to enjoy with their chiles.”

As is ever the exciting twist with produce, weather is always a factor on supply for Hatch chiles. Allen DeMo, Director of Procurement and Sourcing, gave insights on how the crop looks for next month.

Allen DeMo, Director of Procurement and Sourcing, Frieda's Specialty Produce“Our team just visited our partner growers in New Mexico last week and we learned that, while the recent heat wave affected the early crop, we are still on track for the August start,” DeMo. “The Hatch chile supply is looking good for the season.”

Available in August and only for a limited time, the Frieda’s team can be contacted today to pre-book the ever-popular Hatch chiles.

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