Fox Packaging™ Hires Jasper Trujillo as Business Development Manager

Tue. July 16th, 2019
- by Lilian Diep     

MCALLEN, TX - Fox Packaging, one of the industry leaders in packaging innovation, has announced the latest addition to its family of 50 years. Jasper Trujillo will now be the new Business Development Manager.

Aaron Fox, Executive Vice President, Fox Solutions“We’re looking forward to having Jasper on the team, as his unique approach to business development and sales strategy are attributes we know are important for this particular role,” said Aaron Fox, Executive Vice President. “We look forward to introducing him to the industry and our customers at Fresh Summit in October.”

In his new role, Jasper Trujillo will be responsible for the development of an effective marketing and sales strategy

The press release stated that Trujillo will help create standard operating procedures and measured competitive analyses for previous clients, pulling from his background in economics and business consulting. Trujillo will also be responsible for the development of an effective marketing and sales strategy in his new role that is centered around metrics-based performance. Trujillo will also work in tandem with the finance team to create a more concise reporting structure for business and product category performance.

Craig Fox, Executive Vice President, Fox Packaging“Jasper’s role is critical to strengthen and enhance our systematic sales strategy to better support the team as well as enrich our customer experience,” Craig Fox, Executive Vice President.

Fox Packaging stands on providing top-quality and personalized service and hiring Trujillo is an extension of its values. Congratulations to Jasper Trujillo from ANUK!

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