Fresh Del Monte Produce Announces Relaunch of Honeyglow® Pineapple

Tue. April 20th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

CORAL GABLES, FL - Pineapples have a unique way of catching nearly every shoppers’ attention. The spiny, bright yellow exterior is almost hypnotic, drawing consumers in every single time they walk into a grocery store and tempting them to take a few home. Now, Fresh Del Monte Produce has announced the return of an offering that no shopper will be able to walk past, as the grower has unveiled the official relaunch of its Honeyglow® pineapples.

Pablo Rivero, Vice President of Marketing, North America, Fresh Del Monte Produce“We are excited to reintroduce Honeyglow pineapples to consumers,” said Pablo Rivero, Vice President Marketing, North America. “We look forward to sharing the Honeyglow pineapple’s unmatched, sweet taste with consumers and are confident that this product will further reinforce Fresh Del Monte’s commitment to product innovation and quality.”

The Honeyglow pineapple is one of the newest members of Fresh Del Monte’s pineapple line, according to a press release, and has a sweet, alluring flavor.

Fresh Del Monte Produce recently revealed the relaunch of its highly anticipated Honeyglow® pineapple

Each of these pineapples is left to mature naturally on the plant for a few extra days; this creates a riper and sweeter product that features a beautiful balance of color and taste. The pineapples are then hand-selected for their high shell color, as consumers are often drawn to the bright golden shell of the fruit.

Like all of the grower’s products, the Honeyglow pineapple follows highly sustainable practices for planting, harvesting, and transporting.

Fresh Del Monte’s Honeyglow pineapple will be available at several retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

Each of Fresh Del Monte Produce's Honeyglow® pineapples is left to mature naturally on the plant for a few extra days, creating a riper and sweeter product with a beautiful balance of color and taste

Bring this irresistible variety to your shelves and entice your shoppers to indulge in the pineapple category more than ever before.

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