Fresh Del Monte Produce Offers Strategic Tips, Merchandising, and POS for the Spring and Summer; Melissa Mackay Shares Her Insights

Thu. May 23rd, 2024 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

MIAMI, FL - Having an amazing product to promote at retail is half the battle. Having an awesome product with a strategy for execution in the produce department makes that battle a win.

Melissa Mackay, Vice President of Marketing, North America, Fresh Del Monte Produce

“At Fresh Del Monte Produce, we believe in inspiring healthy lifestyles through wholesome and convenient products that are accessible to everyone, everywhere,” Melissa Mackay, Vice President of Marketing, North America, shares with me. “Overall, Fresh Del Monte positions itself as a trusted, quality brand that delivers on freshness, sustainability, innovation, and health—for both consumers and retail partners—and our vertically integrated model allows us to consistently deliver on these brand promises.”

Such a mission and vision are not new to the fresh produce giant. As spring leads to summer, retailer partners can find this strategy across a host of categories, from its brand specialty pineapples to watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon. Along with an array of offerings, such a brand promise comes with that merchandising execution the brand is so well-known for.

Fresh Del Monte Produce believes in inspiring healthy lifestyles through wholesome and convenient products that are accessible to everyone, everywhere

Here are some tips for retailers on best utilizing Fresh Del Monte's merchandising and point-of-sale (POS) solutions in-store, straight from Melissa herself:

  • Prominently display Fresh Del Monte's high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables in your produce section. Our vertically integrated supply chain ensures consistent quality and availability
  • Take advantage of Fresh Del Monte's POS materials like signs, banners, and shelf talkers to highlight these healthy products and drive sales. We always recommend positioning these at eye level throughout the produce department
  • Merchandise complementary items together, such as fresh-cut fruit trays next to whole fruit. This makes it easy for shoppers to find what they need for recipes or snacks
  • Rotate in new Fresh Del Monte products frequently to keep the produce section exciting and encourage impulse purchases with a ‘surprise and delight’ tactic. Our team can provide guidance on trending items
  • Train your produce staff on the benefits of Fresh Del Monte’s products so they can recommend them to customers. Our premium quality and freshness are powerful selling points
  • Participate in Fresh Del Monte's consumer promotions and in-store demos to generate excitement and consumer trials. Coordinate with the Fresh Del Monte team on timing and execution to guarantee success

“The key is to make the produce section a destination with great visibility, competitive pricing, and frequent rotation of new and exciting items for trial and repeat purchasing. Our POS solutions, merchandising tactics, and guidance from our team of experts can help drive incremental sales,” Melissa details.

With a global team and a category management team built to help customers thrive, the Fresh Del Monte operation strives to stay attuned to changing consumer attitudes and behaviors through proprietary research, industry news, and secondary research sources. In addition, the company has close relationships with its retailer and operator partners.

Fresh Del Monte Produce positions itself as a trusted, quality brand that delivers on freshness, sustainability, innovation, and health

“We leverage a number of insight tools, such as social listening platforms, to ensure our product portfolio and new product development reflect those consumer needs,” Melissa tells me. “In the dynamic landscape of retail grocery, the marketing and merchandising of fresh fruits and vegetables are being shaped by several key trends. One prominent trend is premiumization, characterized by a heightened focus on flavor, superior ingredients, and appealing packaging. This shift reflects consumers' willingness to invest in products that offer value to their families, be it through various sizes, personal rewards, or trust in attributes and brands. A parallel trend is the proliferation of novel and enticing produce varieties, aligning with the growing interest in diverse food options.”

Last but not least, Melissa adds, consumers' heightened focus on health has driven interest in immunity-boosting fresh produce. With fresh produce offering that perfect response to growing health movements, Fresh Del Monte is supporting both its retail partners and consumer base.