Fresh Produce Teams Up to Bring Poolside Snacking to Consumers this Summertime

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Thu. May 24th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

DALLAS, TX - Superheroes of produce California Giant Berry Farms, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Envy Apples, and Good Foods are working together for the greater good, as the companies seek to increase awareness of healthier snack pairings in the upcoming summer season. These four brand partners have come together to provide both snacking inspiration and an ultimate prize pack for shoppers in their “Skinny Dips” Sweepstakes.

Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

“Our continued support of Skinny Dips year after year comes from the notion that during the busy summer months, people want to spend less time planning meals and more time with friends and family—we want to be a resource for them,” said Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing at California Giant Berry Farms.

Skinny Dips Sweepstakes instagram post

Now through July 31, consumers have the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes, download free snack hacks, and engage with the brands during social promotions. As warmer weather settles across the nation, people are looking for fresh summer snacking options as well as quick healthy meals to enjoy with friends and family. The aim of Skinny Dips is to inspire people to look for ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without spending the majority of their beautiful sunny days cooped up in the kitchen.

Nichole Towell, Senior Director of Marketing, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

“Google data indicates that there is a significant spike in 'dip recipe' searches during the summer months, making Skinny Dips not only helpful, but relevant to consumers seeking inspiration,” said Nichole Towell, Senior Director of Marketing at Duda Farm Fresh Foods.

By entering into the Skinny Dips sweepstakes, participants have the chance to win one of four poolside prize packs valued up to $1,000 complete with a premier cooler, branded tumbler cup, fruit and veggie dip tray, fruit and vegetable shaped pool floaties, a giant swan float, and shipment of fresh product from each participating partner. Additionally, four secondary winners will receive a $100 gift card to help fund their summer adventures.

Mandy Bottomlee, Director of Marketing, Good Foods

“Good Foods wants to empower people to choose fresh, convenient snacks that are ready to go when you are. Our grab-and-go foods are great for people looking for healthier options when running out the door,” said Mandy Bottomlee, Director of Marketing at Good Foods.

Brock Nemecek, Marketing Manager, North America, T&G Global Limited

“We want people to pause and savor the moments they have throughout the summer–every camping adventure, road trip, and pool party deserves great tasting snacks and dips, which is where this promotion comes in handy,” added Brock Nemecek, Marketing Manager, North America, for T&G Global Limited.

To enter the sweepstakes, visit any of the aforementioned companies’ websites and fill out the appropriate form. Best of luck!

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