Fresh Solutions Network Launches Life Full of Flavor Campaign

Wed. April 11th, 2018
- by Geneva Hutcheson     

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Fresh Solutions Network’s Side Delights® brand of fresh potatoes has launched a new Life Full of Flavor campaign, which taps into the depth and richness of memories made around meals. I spoke with Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network about the genesis of the campaign and what the company hopes to accomplish with it.

Kathleen Triou, President and CEO, Fresh Solutions Network“Our new Life Full of Flavor ad campaign flows from the insight that memories are made around meals. We combined that insight with the fact that potatoes are still America’s #1 favorite side dish. The ad is an emotive look at how potatoes, and in our case, Side Delights potatoes specifically, add flavor and fun to the other food on the table and the people around the table,” Kathleen begins. “Some of our earliest memories include food. For me, my mother would ask me to help her make dinner by peeling potatoes. I would stand on a kitchen chair, and peel potatoes over the kitchen sink for our family’s dinner. It was a rite of passage in our house. Once my younger brother was old enough, he peeled the potatoes while I helped in other ways. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were learning how to feed a family and ourselves. We joined the ‘foodie’ tribe at an early age.”

With a range of fresh potatoes suited for every meal, palate, and household, regardless of size, Side Delights hopes to be a catalyst for memories like Kathleen’s. The line features potatoes packaged in everything from traditionally-sized bags to smaller bags of gourmet potatoes, to convenience-oriented offerings that are ready-to-microwave.

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“The beauty of this campaign is that it transfers seamlessly to in-store use,” Kathleen explains. “We currently have a Side Delights merchandiser with a customizable header card that will leverage this campaign. The merchandiser is fantastic for secondary displays of Side Delights product lines in the deli, meat, and seafood departments or in the front of the store. Our data shows that when potatoes are merchandised in a secondary location—in this case, the meat department—overall category sales increased by 15.8 percent and the featured potato items increased in sales by 78 percent! Furthermore, fresh meat sales increased by two percent and the shoppers’ total basket ring increased by two percent. It makes sense for both the retailer and the shopper to merchandise potatoes outside the produce department, generating meal inspiration and sales."

To see Fresh Solutions Network’s Life Full of Flavor campaign in action, stop by the company’s booth on any trade show floor beginning in May, and to stay in the know on marketing tactics including new campaigns, keep reading AndNowUKnow.

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