Frieda’s Helps Retailers Look Beyond Fish—And Toward Produce—For Lent

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Thu. February 21st, 2019 - by Anne Allen

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – Frieda’s Specialty Produce wants shoppers to move produce to the center of the plate, just in time for Lent. Due to the fact that many who observe the holiday abstain from meat, the produce provider suggests that consumers introduce new fruits and veggies into their diets during this time. With nearly 25 percent of Americans celebrating the holiday, an expanded assortment of fruits, vegetables, and meat alternatives for meatless Fridays will satisfy shoppers’ desires to add new items to their dinner tables this spring.

Alex Berkley, Sales Manager, Frieda’s Specialty Produce“Products like Frieda’s Jackfruit, Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes, Soyrizo™, and Poblano Peppers become staples for many homes that celebrate Lent and meatless Friday,” said Alex Berkley, Sales Manager, in a press release. “Recipes like Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches topped with pickled Watermelon Radish and Southeast Asian Coconut Curry with Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes and Greens are a great way to promote variety.”

Produce like Frieda’s Jackfruit, Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes, Soyrizo™, and Poblano Peppers can replace meat in dishes for a healthier meal

According to a recent survey from C+R Research in partnership with Frieda’s, 68 percent of consumers are planning to add more vegetables to the meals they serve this spring and 73 percent say they choose grocery stores with a variety of produce over other stores—meaning that fresh variety will drive store traffic for retailers. Creating go-to meatless destinations for your shoppers is key to capitalizing on traditions and consumer trends this spring.

Merchandising these meat alternatives with signage that showcases meal ideas helps to show your shoppers that there is more to Lent than fish sticks, and even those not celebrating Lent will want to make vegetables the star of their plates!

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