Germains Seed Technology Launches a New Website

Wed. March 16th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

GILROY, CA - Germains Seed Technology is stepping up its interactive game with the launch of its new website to provide global and local customers a resource for gathering information about seed treatments and solutions tailored to particular crops and cultivation processes.

Cathy Farr, North America Business Director, Germains Seed Technology

“Germains offers a variety of innovative seed treatments that are all now strategically categorized by conventional and organic. Because we value our customer’s time and are experiencing increased demand for organic seed technologies, the website was designed so that our customers and the growers they serve may search for seed technologies that are appropriate for their cultivation practices or by crop,” Cathy Farr, North America Business Director, said. “Also, we opted to add the goseed@ value calculator so that customers may calculate the potential increase in yield and revenue a grower may experience after applying goseed® technology to their lettuce, carrots, onions or parsnip seed. All of the products and content is current, but we will continue to maintain and add information to the site. Our goal is for the website to become a valuable resource for our customers and a tool for recruiting new employees.”

Check Out the New Site for Yourself Here

According to the company, many growers ask questions like, “What kind of return on investment may I possibly get from seed technology?” A new interactive online “Value Estimator” calculator tool located through the new site, makes it easy for users to estimate potential increase in yields and revenue per acre from products such as goseed® technology when applied to carrots, lettuce, parsnip and or onion seeds.

Germains' New Site

Currently, the website is divided into two regions, North America and Europe, and the international company has categorized all of its seed technologies into Conventional and Organic. The categories will help users gather information quickly based on cultivation practices. Seed companies, dealers, and growers looking for seed treatments for a particular crop, may now “Search by Species” as well, by entering the crop’s common name, users will find a one-page list of all the technologies available for each species.

Founded in 1871 in Los Angeles, California, Germains Seed Technology develops innovative conventional and organic seed solutions for a number vegetable crops. Specializing in seed Priming, Pelleting, Filmcoating, Disinfection and Plant Health, its team of industry experts are here to work in collaboration with customers to provide seed treatments that are appropriate for particular crops, cultivation practices, and environmental conditions. Germains seed technologies maximize nature’s potential while improving the crop’s performance in the field or greenhouse.

Germains Seed Technology