Giumarra Borquez Constructing New Employee Optometry and Dental Facilities

Thu. September 25th, 2014 - by Kyle Braver

SONORA, MEXICO - Giumarra Borquez has announced that its Fair Trade Certified growing partner, Campos Borquez, has completed the construction of its new dental and optometry centers in Obregón, Sonora, Mexico.

Pablo Borquez Almada, President “We view the care of our coworkers, their families, and our neighboring communities with utmost importance,” says Pablo Borquez Almada, President of Campos Borquez. “Our community involvement is as vital to us as providing high quality products to our customers.”

For more on Giumarra Borquez and Pablo Borquez's community work, check out this video here:

According to a press release, the new facilities were built adjacent to Campos Borquez's existing employee health care center. Farm worker community development funds from Giumarra Borquez’s participation in the Fair Trade program were used to finance the construction of this project and will also be utilized in its operation.

This is yet another success for the partnership between Giumarra and Campos Borquez. Their vertically-integrated operation grows, packs, and distributes asparagus throughout the North American market. The asparagus is packed under the Nature’s Partner label, and may also be marketed as Fair Trade Certified.

Bruce Dowhan, Vice President and General Manager“As our partnership continues to grow, we are thrilled to be a part of the achievements of Pablo Borquez and his family, including becoming the first asparagus grower in the world to be certified by Fair Trade USA in 2012,” says Bruce Dowhan, Vice President and General Manager of Giumarra Borquez. “Pablo has been working to better his community since the early 1990s, and we expect to see more employee-voted improvements with the continued growth of the Fair Trade program.”

Giumarra Borquez says that it will begin shipping its Fall asparagus crop in October and is expecting significant increases in volume. Word out of the company is that there will be plenty of supply to support promotions for Fair Trade and the upcoming holiday season.

Congratulations on the new facility, Campos Borquez!

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