Giumarra Companies' Megan Schulz and Jeannine Martin Discuss Coming DulceVida Season

Fri. April 14th, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

LOS ANGELES, CA - As consumers seek more and more to attain “foodie” status, fresh foods of lustre and acclaim are in high-demand. Giumarra Companies is answering this call by providing flavorful, opulent products, like the proprietary Nature’s Partner DulceVida™ line of white and yellow nectarines.

Jeannine Martin, Director of Sales, Giumarra Reedley“This year we will be opening with more volume to offer a robust program for retail,” Jeannine Martin, Director of Sales, tells me excitedly, adding that white nectarines should be shipping around mid-May. Just in time to celebrate mothers with an indulgent stone fruit.

The program is licensed to Giumarra exclusively, Jeannine and fellow teammate Megan Schulz, Director of Communications, explain to me.

Megan Schulz, Director of Communications, Giumarra Companies“Several years ago, our team came across these incredibly fragrant stone fruit varieties and decided to develop a partnership with the breeder. At the time, they didn’t have a brand or a name,” Megan shares. “We developed the DulceVida, or ‘sweet life,’ identity to tell the fruit’s story to consumers.”

And a sweet life it is. The blushing fruit is as attractive as it is tasty, offering what Megan and Jeannine describe as a new eating experience for the category.

Nature's Partner DulceVida white nectarines.“Much like with our Calypso mangos, we want Dulce Vida to be a lush eating experience that ultimately adds to the entire industry as a whole by reaching those consumers looking for an extra-special or unique item,” Megan shares.

With both aroma and flavor playing into these fruits like that of a fine wine, Jeannine tells me that Giumarra often suggests retailers think of DulceVida in a picnic scenario, describing something of a fresh fruit “charcuterie” spread.

DulceVida white nectarines.

“DulceVida tends to have a higher brix, offering a full eating experience. With the French origin, the aroma, and the flavor, this is definitely more of a special occasion item than a baking fruit.”

As those sunny days approach, and with them the DulceVida season, get ready to start pushing for more of those outdoor treats in fresh fruit and beyond.

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