Giumarra Companies Partner With Tajin Seasoning for New Nature's Partner Watermelon Promotion

Tue. May 3rd, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

LOS ANGELES, CA – Consumers and retailers with a taste for watermelons can expect a new promotional partnership between Giumarra Companies and Tajin Seasonings. Promotions will begin in early May, and will highlight Nature’s Partner brand watermelons, grown in Sonora, Mexico.

Gil Munguia, Division Manager, Giumarra Nogales“We were looking for an innovative way to offer something new and different with our watermelons,” disclosed Gil Munguia, Division Manager for Giumarra Nogales, in a press release. “We wanted a promotion that was cross-cultural and had a value-added element. Tajin Seasonings are the most popular seasonings for produce items in Mexico and in North America, and it was the perfect fit.”

Promotional materials will consist of a colorful co-brand bin design, a newly designed label specific to the promotion, and a free packet of Tajin seasoning. Guimarra said that these promotional plans will boost consumer interest and sales in the watermelon and seasonings. 

Juan Carlos Limon, Marketing Manager, Tajin USA“Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits for use with Tajin Seasoning,” said Juan Carlos Limon, Marketing Manager at Tajin USA. “It creates such a unique, refreshing flavor. We are thrilled to be working with Giumarra and their watermelon program on this promotion, which is the first of its kind for us. We hope to continue to roll out more promotions generating excitement about healthy eating with produce and Tajin.”

The specially designed Nature's Partner label will contain a free .05oz Tajin packet on the front, with a $.025 coupon on its back. The high-graphic bin design will display a watermelon slice being seasoned with Tajin, aided by logos and information on both companies. These design promotions will be supported by social media posts to further consumer interest. 

Taijin said that it looks forward to the partnership as it aligns with its company growth and aim, “Tajin sales continue to grow and we’ve experienced over 30 percent compounded annual growth over the last five years. Our emphasis has been to increase healthy snacking with fruits and vegetables by seasoning with Tajin,” finished Limon. 

Promotions will run throughout the month of May, and will begin again in the fall of 2016.

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